Cialis Prices

Cialis Prices

Prices for cialis pills or tablets vary widely across the world and across shops and online pharmacies. That’s why it is good to have trusted sources and recommendations from others as well as look around, for example this blog about Cheap Cialis. Here we compare cialis prices between pharmacies…

How prices for cialis are established?

Prices for cialis are mostly established by the “big pharma” and by the regulators – in others words the government. Both are of course also known as the “big regulated mafia” as they are screwing people, but then legally by legislation.

Other factors deciding cialis prices of medicines in general , as well as cialis are:
– cost of labour
– transportation costs
– storage costs
– etc … etc …

However the above is less important if you shop online at an online pharmacy! We will explain you more about this below.

Cialis Prices at your local pharmacy

Normal people which are not so smart, order cialis via their doctor after they went on a consult. Then the doctor prescribes them a “prescription for cialis” and they go to their local pharmacy to get it. Prices for cialis here are outrageous because of several things. Firstly because they buy “Cialis Brand” and they are very expensive up to 30 USD per tablet. Secondly because the prices are controlled by the big pharma. So you can’t win here. Smarted and more educated people like yourself ( as your are reading this blog 🙂 ) go online shopping as a trusted online pharmacy which we will recommend later-on in this article.

Cialis Prices at an Online pharmacy

So normal people visit their doctor and buy cialis for very crazy high prices. Let’s see what smart people like yourself do. They visit an online drugstore and buy cialis much cheaper! Of course their is natural competition between online stores and also quality difference services as well as product quality. Prices for cialis online where we buy it ourselves are around and below 1 USD per tablet! This is around 30x cheaper than at a physical regulated store.


Cialis Prices vary widely across continents, countries and between physical pharmacies and online pharmacies. Best always to check around, but most importantly go for trusted online pharmacy which is recommended by a friend or a trusted source like this blog. We ourselves buy cialis online for 1 USD per tablet and think this is great value for high quality generic cialis with free shipping.