Cheap Cialis

Cheap Cialis

At this blog you will find everything what you need to know about “Cialis” ! Read Cialis Tips, Cialis Reviews and where to buy Generic Cialis online cheap.

At our Cialis blog part you will weekly interesting articles uploaded by our team, doctors, patients as well as other men just like yourself who suffer from erectile dysfunction and solved this with Cialis (tadalafil).

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What is Cialis?

Cialis is one the oldest and well known erection tablets introduced by “Eli Lilly” many years ago and discovered by “accident”. They were not looking specifically for a medicines to treat male impotence, however they discovered the unique effects of “Tadalafil” or “Tadalafil Citrate” and found it is the perfect way to treat impotence. Shortly after Pfizer came with Viagra, then Eli Lilly discovered Cialis.

It is like many discoveries, they mostly come by accident when looking or researching something else. However Cialis changed the sexlifes of many men and couples as well as many women, even though Viagra already existed! WHY?!?! Because Cialis worked more than 5 times longer, up to 36 hours and for some men even 48 hours long. Some women even never know that their men uses Cialis, but their sexlife and perhaps relationship would be much less without it.

The colour of viagra is “orange” however sometimes Cialis called the “weekend pill” as it is working basically all weekend long and the weekend is the time for sex!. But of course you can use Cialis anytime of the day or week, as cialis is very powerful and also available in different strengths ranging from cialis 5mg, 10mg, 20mg ( the standard ), 40mg, 40mg etc… So for everyone there is a Cialis pill fitting their personal and sexual needs.

How to use Cialis?

It is important to know Cialis works much longer than the other erection pills (viagra, kamagra, levitra) 36-48 hours long, depending on the person. For some people it really works 48 hours and for others just 36, so you need to check for yourself. it starts working 30 minutes – 45 minutes after you take the Cialis pill or if you have problems with pills you could use Cialis Oral Jelly ( the same numbers are valid for Oral Jelly as for the pill format ).

What is generic Cialis?

All popular drugs that have their patents expired become available in generic drugs as we live in an open market and competitive economy and branded drugs are very expensive, so with same quality a cheaper alternative like generic drugs there is huge market opportunity.

With Cialis this is exactly the same. it is a very popular erection pill and very expensive, so generic cialis versions came on the market much cheaper. However at your local pharmacist they only sell you the too expensive brand version (Cialis Brand) and that is why an online pharmacy which we use can help you out selling superb quality generic cialis for less than 1.70 USD per pill.

Generic Cialis has the exact same amount of Tadalafil Citrate and same other chemical composition and same quality, so the brand version and generic version of Cialis are 100% identical, except the price of course 🙂 …

As we live in a free world, it is up to you to decide. Pay 30 USD or more per Cialis tablet at your local drugstore or pay 1.7 USD per tablet at a trusted pharmacy online. We go for the last option of course.

Generic Cialis versions:
– Tadalis
– Tadora
– Tadacip
– Tadalafil
– Cialis Oral Jelly
– Cialis Daily
– Cialis Soft Pills

These are however all the same as the normal Generic Cialis pills, so only if you have a specific experience or doctor recommendation with these tadalafil pills, then go for it, otherwise stick with Generic Cialis as it is simply the best and cheapest.

Where to buy Cialis?

As we mentioned there are many places to buy Cialis, however there are no many good places and safe pharmacies to buy cialis. The most common place to order Cialis is via your local chemist and pharmacist, however this is not the most easy and for sure not the smartest as it will cost you a lot of money, patience and you social status can be very much influenced as well as everyone in your city or village will know.

Another way is to purchase Cialis via classifieds sites and local drug dealers, however this is not trusted and uncomfortable and prices are mostly still on the high side.

A much smarter and better way to purchase cialis is online via a safe and trusted pharmacy tested by others like for example Pharmacy XL and in the past Canada Drugs. We personally use for many years with Cialis Pills as well as other meds with full satisfaction and because of this simple fact we feel happy and confident to recommend this online store to others. Cialis Prices are low, they are in business since 2001, trusted by thousands of people across the globe from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Europe and because of their scale they can offer free global shipping as well, which is a huge relief.

Cheapest Cialis

No one would say know against the cheapest, however thing about it twice as sometimes cheapest is not the best! You want a “fair deal” and with Cialis / Generic Cialis this is exactly the same. You want quality, reliability, friendly service in good partnership for a good cialis price which sustains a good and reliable business model from the Drugstore or Pharmacy and a cheap price on your hand so you have money left for other things.

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