Cheap Cialis

This blog is all about Cialis and generic Cialis and how you can get this magic pill which works 36 hours long at the comfort of your own home for 1 USD.

Cheap Cialis

Any person likes to get quality products for a cheap price. For some people it is a sport, for others it is simply necessary because or their limited income and for others it is simply a rule in their life not to overpay. Whatever is your reason, at this blog we will guide you through your journey in obtaining “cheap cialis” to improve your sexlife. We can honestly say we will succeed as we already helped and advised 1000s of men like yourself in getting high quality generic cialis for a cheap price and all their sexlives improved dramatically – and all of that on a budget!

What is Cialis exactly?

Well let’s not assume you know everything about Cialis, so let’s bring you up to the speed. Maybe you heard from a friend about this unique erection pill, or you saw an cialis advertisement on television, but you are not ready to pay the premium price of 30 USD per pill. Or maybe you simply landed on our cialis blog by accident.

Cialis is the #1 erection pills ( after Viagra ) which works 36 hours long and sometimes even longer. Why we say #1 erection pill after Viagra, because Viagra is slightly more popular. however the main difference of Viagra vs Cialis is that Viagra works maximum 8 hours, while Cialis works at least 36 hours.

Cialis is made from the active ingredient “tadalafil” or some people call it “tadalafil citrate”. It normally comes in the dosage of 20mg, but you can also get it in 5mg which is then called Cialis Daily or in 60mg which is then called  high quality Generic Cialis.

Cialis is available in pill format or in a soft oral jelly format which is easy to swallow: Cialis Oral Jelly.

Where to buy Cialis?

Cialis is available in various kind of places. Let’s first warn you that you should not listen to the big pharma or the government, as their only intention is you to pay a very price for Cialis.

You can buy cialis at the following places:
– Your local pharmacy ( you need a prescription from your doctor, as cialis is a prescription drug )
– A local cialis dealer ( sometimes can be good, but mostly you pay too much and dubious quality )
– At an online pharmacy ( this is what we do and the prices are very good and the quality too! make sure you buy from a trusted pharmacy which is tested and recommended by someone with knowledge like ourselves.

We have personally very good experience with an online drugstore called Pharmacy XL as they are in business sinces many years and always delivered us in time, good quality prescription drugs including Cialis.

Which Cialis are available on the market?

As mentioned above, cialis is available in different ways and via different channels. Let’s sum up the type of cialis pills and cialis oral jelly available so you can choose the one which most suit you. All cialis work practically the same, but for different people with different preferences they made specific formats of Cialis.

  • Generic Cialis is a cheaper variant than Cialis Brand with the same amount of tadalafil.
  • Cialis Oral Jelly is a soft substance oral jelly which is easy to swallow, instead of a pill format.
  • Tadalafil is the active ingredient and a cheaper alternative to the brand-version of cialis.
  • Cialis Brand is the original and very expensive cialis version as you pay for the “brand name” to Eli Lilly so this is not rally an option if you are not a millionaire or billionaire.
  • Tadalis is a generic cialis and a good alternative
  • Tadacip is another generic cialis from India with very good reputation
  • Cialis Daily is a special formulated cialis with 5mg tadalafil which you can take daily so you don’t need to count the 36 hours. It is very safe and even has many other health benefits.
  • Tadora is another generic cialis which is kind of “branded” but still has a cheap price. We though still prefer the ordinary generic cialis as it offers the best value for money.
Cialis side effects

Like every medicines there could be side effects when you take a medicine. If you take antibiotics you could get side effects ( everyone knows ) and with cialis this is no difference. However the side effects are very limited and only a few people suffer from it. Rest assured I never really felt side effects except the following:
– slightly watery eyes
– an increased heart beat ( this makes your erection super hard so actually it is good )
– and that’s it!

For a full list of side effects check out this cialis page of the recommended online pharmacy where we order cialis online ourselves.